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ProMaster 3500
High Roof Cargo Van 159" extended



Summer 2021.


We've been living in the van for over a year. Our conversion was about done. All we needed were more shelves or some type of dresser. The mini fridge has been driving us crazy. It kept opening and things were spilling out all the time. So we decided to buy a better one. I was researching, measuring, and comparing for weeks.

$1500 cad and a couple of days later, the fridge arrived.

My measurements were wrong.

It didn't fit. 

We decided to keep the fridge and rebuild our shower 10 inches to the right. As the work went on, we discovered our floor underneath the waterproof laminate was all moldy. Our shower had a leak. There was no other way but to destroy everything we've worked on and rebuild it. 

It took another 8 months to get the van looking like it does today.

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