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We broke the fuel pump for the heater 🥶

It is cold and rainy today. I was sitting on the bed, reading a book, when the heater suddenly stopped working. The controller said error 08. What does it mean? I have never seen this number before.

So I googled it—lack of fuel.

G went to the back of the van to add fuel. Our van runs on gas, so we have a separate 10 L diesel tank for the heater. We also carry a 20 L can to fill the tank whenever needed.

Like today.

After adding the fuel, we primed the fuel pump per the instructions we found on YouTube. Everything seemed to go through smoothly. But when we turned the heater on, the pump turned on and then off, and would not turn on again. We tried resetting the heater and priming the pump again.

Nothing worked.

This is the first time this has happened. We were always so careful not to run out of fuel. Yet one time is enough to break the pump. 😢 At least we'll be cautious for a while now.

It's 8 degrees Celcius today, which is quite warm compared to the last time when our heater stopped working and it was - 18 C during our last winter in Ontario. So I think we can manage 5 days without the heat. (Mostly because we don’t want to pay for Prime 😆.)

Yay for chunky sweaters and a hot coffee.

Lara xo

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