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Our new home for a while

When I picked Tofino as a final destination, I didn't really know anything about this area besides the fact that it's on the ocean and you can surf here. And when we first got here in September, it did not seem at all friendly to van lifers. Nowhere to park, nowhere to sleep, streets are tiny, and crowded.

We decided to try it out in Victoria. Bigger city, lots of oppurtunities. At first it was ok. A new city to explore. We went to a different beach every day, to Chinatown, Haunted Manor, signed up at the YMCA for a month, and G did BJJ every morning, where they kindly enough let us sleep every night. Although we did have some other spots in the city to spend the night. We completed a climbing lesson at UVIC and went bouldering up at the Boulders Gym. So we had some fun times.

But Tofino creeped into the front of our minds. We decided to give it another try and drove to this area. We slept on the hwy for a few days, then booked Surf Grove Campground, where we also got our first surfing lesson with Pacific surf school. Meanwhile, G applied for a few job positions and got a job with a full time parking spot.

Now we get to live downtown in the marina and see this beautiful view every day.

When it's not raining.

Lara xo

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