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First time surfing, Tofino BC

Updated: Nov 8

Surfing is one of those sports I always wanted to try if the opportunity presented itself. However, living in Slovenia for most of my life and Ontario for a big chunk of it, there was nothing close by. So surfing was always in the back of my mind. Occasionally, I saw a YouTuber go on a trip to Bali or Southern America and learn surfing. And I would always think: 'Someday, I will be the one learning how to surf'.

And now here I am, putting on a tight-ass wetsuit and trying to climb and stand on a surfboard while the waves are trying hard to knock me down. And I'm loving every part of it! Surfing is hot, wet, exhausting, and so much fun! Who would have thought I would learn to surf right here in Canada and not some hot exotic destination? To be fair, Tofino does give off more Australian vibes but with possible snow.

We got our first lesson with the Pacific Surf School. It costs CAD 100 per person (2.5 hours, instructors, wetsuit, gloves, boots, hoodie, and surfboard). We met the instructors at the North Chersterman Beach. We put on wetsuits and walked to the beach where the surfing lesson started.

I didn't take any photos, but here's a short video:

The lesson was short and sweet: safety, basics of surfing, and warm up. Then straight to the water for as many practice rounds as you can get.

It is safe to say that we're now hooked on a new sport and can't wait to go again!

Lara xo
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