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Camping in Tofino, BC

It is raining for 4 days straight. Our batteries are slowly running out of power. We haven't showered for 3 days. The water tank is almost empty. It's time we treat ourselves to a few days off and book a campground.

The first time we came to Tofino we slept at the Long Beach Golf Campground. They only have a few serviced sites, which require a 30-amp RV plug. Make sure you bring the right adapter if you're not traveling in an RV. Also, their laundromat was shit! It only made our clothes slightly wet, so we had to wait to leave the campground and go wash our clothes someplace else. 👎

30M/15F Amp Power Grip Adapter

We have the adapter, however, we wanted to check out the Surf Grove Campground this time. It is Tofino's newest campground, which opened in 2020. They have over 700 sites and offer lots of different amenities like indoor and outdoor showers, a sauna, a laundromat, a store, a cafe, a surf shop, and more. This campground does not require you to bring any adapters, your regular house plug will do the trick. Also, the laundromat is new and awesome. You need to purchase tokens at the reception. 😉

Winter months are great for storm watching and they offer discounts on longer stays. So we stayed 4 nights and enjoyed walks to the beach, surfing, hot showers, washing our laundry, and especially the peace of a mostly empty campground. But the summer season must be busy.

If you come to Tofino I recommend staying at the Surf Grove Campground over the Long Beach Golf Campground. I have not tried any other campgrounds, so this is my only recommendation.

Maybe you can let me know if you've stayed at any others?

Lara xo

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